Ojibway Park Wildlife Eco-Passage Investment

Timing: Activities beginning in 2020

Partner: City of Windsor

The Neighbourhood Infrastructure Strategy of the Community Benefits Plan includes a commitment to invest seed funding for the City of Windsor’s Ojibway Park-Black Oaks Heritage Park Wildlife Eco- Passage project that provide safe passage for area wildlife through a connection between Black Oak Heritage Park and Ojibway Park.

Funds have been released to fund an Environmental Assessment for the Ojibway Park Wildlife Eco- Passage Investment. The City began the Environmental Assessment in 2020 and included the first Public Information Centre (PIC) in November 2020. Details can be found on the City website:

Ojibway Parkway Wildlife Crossing Class Environmental Assessment Information

The funding released in 2020 is part of a large investment of seed funding to be released to the City of Windsor should all approvals, permits and funds for the project be secured.

First Funding Releases from Gordie Howe International Bridge Community Benefits Plan - March 5, 2020