Community Organization Investment Application

The Canadian and US Neighbourhood Infrastructure Strategies both include a commitment to provide a $50,000 (CDN) annual investment allowance for community organizations located in or servicing Sandwich or Delray/Southwest Detroit residents for a five-year duration from 2020 – 2024. Applications are now open for the 2020 Community Organization funding cycle and will be accepted until January 31, 2020.

Through the Community Organization Investment initiative, eligible organizations can submit applications for funding on an annual basis for proposed initiatives ranging from $1,000 and $25,000 (CDN) for events, programming and infrastructure improvements that will benefit the Sandwich or Delray/Southwest Detroit neighbourhoods.

Eligible applications for funding will be reviewed by members of the Local Community Group as well as senior representatives from WDBA, BNA and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for final approval.


Lead Applicant Information | Información del solicitante principal

Designated Contact: | Persona de contacto asignada:

Additional documentation: | Documentación adicional

Charitable Registration | Registro de organización de beneficencia

The lead applicant must be a registered non-profit organization or charity. If the lead applicant is not a registered a registered non-profit organization or charity, a trustee organization that is registered as a non-profit organization or charity must also be named within the application and provide an accompanying letter of support. | El solicitante principal debe ser una organización sin fines de lucro o de beneficencia registrada. Si el solicitante principal no es una organización sin fines de lucro o de beneficencia registrada, una organización fiduciaria que esté registrada como organización sin fines de lucro o de beneficencia, debe nombrarse también en la solicitud y proporcionar una carta de apoyo.

(If not registered charity) Please note the trustee organization that is acting on behalf of the lead applicant. If a trustee has been engaged, a letter of support must be included with the application including contact information for an appropriate contact at the trustee organization. | (Si no es una organización benéfica registrada) Tenga en cuenta la organización fiduciaria que actúa en nombre del solicitante principal. Si se ha contratado a un administrador, se debe incluir una carta de apoyo con la solicitud que incluya información de contacto para un contacto apropiado en la organización del administrador.

Overview of Project/Initiative | Descripción general del proyecto o la iniciativa

Funding | Financiamiento

1 - This request for funding is related to an infrastructure investment and renderings or drawings of the proposed infrastructure and back-up of cost-estimates have been provided with the submission of this application | Esta solicitud de financiamiento está relacionada con una inversión en infraestructura y se han proporcionado renders o dibujos de la infraestructura propuesta y un respaldo de las estimaciones de costos con esta solicitud.

2 - This request for funding is for an event or program and a budget breakdown outlining the following expenditures (as applicable): administrative costs, personnel costs, materials and supplies, printing and copying, promotion and other (please specify) has been included with the submission of this application. | Esta solicitud de financiamiento es para un evento o programa y se incluye con esta solicitud un desglose del presupuesto que describe los siguientes gastos (según corresponda): costos administrativos, costos de personal, materiales y suministros, impresión y copias, promoción y otros (por favor especifique).

I understand that if my application is successful and receives funding from the 2020 Community Organization Investment 10% of the funding will be withheld until final report has been submitted, on or before June 30, 2021. The report is to include information regarding: | Entiendo que si mi solicitud gana y recibe financiamiento por parte de la Inversión en organizaciones comunitarias en 2020, se retendrá el 10% de los fondos hasta que se presente el informe final, a más tardar el 30 de junio de 2021. El informe debe incluir información sobre
  • Persons served by the project/initiative. | Las personas atendidas por el proyecto o la iniciativa.
  • Benefit(s) to the Sandwich, Windsor or Delray/Southwest Detroit community. | Los beneficios para la comunidad de Sandwich, Windsor o Delray/ suroeste de Detroit.
  • Measurements against set evaluation metrics. | Las medidas con respecto a las métricas de evaluación establecidas.
  • Stories and anecdotes. | Historias y anécdotas.
  • Photographs and videos (with consent obtained from subjects for public distribution). | Fotografías y videos (con el consentimiento obtenido de los sujetos, para distribución pública).

  • Authorized Signatures | Firmas autorizadas

    We, the undersigned, have the authority to provide signature on behalf of organization and confirm that the information contained in this application is true and accurate to the best of our knowledge and has been authorized by our Board of Directors. | Nosotros, los suscritos, tenemos la autoridad para firmar en nombre de la organización y confirmar que la información contenida en esta solicitud es veraz y precisa a nuestro justo saber, y ha sido autorizada por nuestra Junta Directiva.