Rendering of the Gordie Howe International Bridge at Night including lighting

Rendering of traffic approaching the Gordie Howe International Bridge at night including bright lighting

The Gordie Howe International bridge is designed to meet Envision Silver rating for both the bridge and surrounding roadways to ensure longevity while minimizing environmental impact.

One key feature of the bridge will be its lighting. Energy-efficient, LED and low-maintenance lighting will be incorporated to minimize light spill and any effect on migratory birds.

The lighting will also be an important aesthetic component as one of the public art components, with lighting used to highlight the form of the towers, and illuminate the cables in a way that showcases their relative fineness within the total composition and the overall array pattern at a distance. These lights will be configured so the spill light from fixtures will combine to light the top of the tower with a brilliant glow while minimizing spill into the sky.

WDBA and Bridging North America will continue to consult with adjacent residents on the lighting design to ensure their input is taken into consideration.


Falcon box

In response to suggestions received from the public, a peregrine falcon box will be installed on the bridge to facilitate the nesting of falcons within sight of the Canadian shoreline.

Peregrine falcons were once listed as an endangered species in Canada but due to conservation efforts have rebounded from the brink of extinction and are now considered as a species of ‘special concern’.

Falcons nest on tall, steep cliff ledges close to large bodies of water making the Gordie Howe International bridge an ideal location for nesting habitat.