Local Community Group

Local Community Group

Established in 2019, the Local Community Group works with WDBA and BNA as informal partners on the implementation of the Community Benefits Plan. This group includes 16 members that collectively represent the communities of Detroit/Delray, Windsor/Sandwich, Windsor-Essex County and the Greater Detroit Area. The Local Community Group provides valuable input and formal linkages to the region which enables the project team to better understand community and stakeholder perspectives in the delivery of the Community Benefits Plan.

Responsibilities of Local Community Group members include: 

  • Participating in quarterly meetings. 
  • Providing input into the implementation of initiatives within the Community Benefits Plan.
  • Providing input into the assessment and review of community funding applications as part of the Community Organization Investment initiative within the Neighbourhood Infrastructure Strategy. 
  • Participating on at least one subcommittee, including: community art and community history, as opportunities arise. 

The members of the Local Community Group


Read the Local Community Group Terms of Reference (Grupo de la comunidad local Términos de referencia).

Current group membership is below:

 Sandwich Community ResidentTeajai Travis Delray Community ResidentCandida Leon
 Windsor-Essex County ResidentRandal Sasso Greater Detroit Area ResidentKimberly Simmons
 Daily Cross-Border Commuter – CanadaClara Deck Daily Cross-Border Commuter- USASimona Simion
 Representative from Walpole Island First NationJanet MacBeth Representative from Caldwell First NationNikki Orosz
 Representative of the Windsor-Essex Community Benefits CoalitionBrady Holek Representative of the Delray Community Advisory GroupSimone Sagovac
 City of Windsor – Ward 2 CouncillorFabio Costante City of Detroit – District 6 CouncilmemberRaquel Castañeda-López
 Sandwich Business Improvement AssociationMary Ann Cuderman Southwest Detroit Business AssociationJennifer Gomez
 Windsor-Essex Economic Development CorporationSabrina DeMarco Detroit Economic Growth CorporationVirginia Wilkinson