Make Your Own Digger

Every day on a construction site there are lots of different machines performing lots of different functions. One of the most often used pieces of construction equipment at the Gordie Howe International Bridge project are diggers.

There are different types of diggers used on the construction site – backhoes and excavators. Both machines are used to dig holes and trenches, for landscaping and for demolition. Excavators are also used to lift heavy pieces of construction material such as pipes.

See an excavator at work at the Gordie Howe International Bridge project here.

To make your own digger, follow the directions below.

What you need: construction paper, glue, scissors, hole punch, fasteners (brads or eyelets), crayons or markers.


1. Paste the image below to a piece of construction paper.

2.  Colour the digger and digger parts.

3.  Cut the pieces out and punch holes where letters are marked.

4.  Attach the parts using fasteners (brads or eyelets).

              Make-A-Digger Cutout Activity


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