People Profile - Engineering Co-Op Students

Meet our Engineering Co-op students from the University of Windsor Co-operative Education & Workplace Partnership gaining valuable work experience and professional development opportunities while working with WDBA this term.

Mitul Patel, Electrical Engineering Co-Op. Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering. "This project is a great opportunity to learn North American standards used in electrical design. The skills I am developing in consulting and detail engineering at WDBA will help me with my future goal of becoming an Electrical Design Engineer."

Wasel Al-Rifai, Civil Engineering Co-op. BAS Civil Engineering. "Working on project management with internal and external team members has given me a better understanding of how internal aspects and processes contribute to the bigger picture of the Gordie Howe International Bridge project."Nicholas Dufour, Civil Engineering Co-op. BAS Civil Engineering. "At WDBA, I have the opportunity to gain more knowledge about the management side of engineering by assisting with project planning. The team here has been very helpful in my learning and has given me the ability to begin to understand complex construction projects."Byensi Ndorelire, Environmental Co-op. BAS Civil Engineering. "i've always been interested in sustainability for Civil and Construction Engineering. By being involved with environmental management and task monitoring, I can ensure construction personnel work in a safe and healthy environment and surrounding fauna and flora remain protected."Mia Marrocco, Civil Engineering Co-op. BAS Civil Engineering. "I am very grateful to work in such a diverse and positive environment where people are continuously offering opportunities for me and the other students to learn. The experience I am gaining has exposed me to a different application of my degree and has broadened my horizons to new career paths."

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