A group of people attend a presentation at Elder College.

A group of people attending an Elder College bus tour of the Canadian Port of Entry of the Gordie Howe International Bridge Project.

An international bridge isn’t often built in your backyard. To make sure Windsor and Detroit residents have a chance to learn about the project Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) offers educated presentations for students of all ages.

Over the month of May, WDBA held three in-depth educational sessions about the Gordie Howe International Bridge project for Canterbury ElderCollege in Windsor. Canterbury ElderCollege is dedicated to the principle of lifelong learning by offering courses that are useful, sociable, and entertaining to persons over the age of 55. On Thursdays in May, ElderCollege participants gathered to learn about the design and aesthetics of the bridge, the environmental aspects of the project, and finally the community benefits associated with the project.

“Even a hard-boiled skeptic like myself had to confess to being blown away by the scope and minute engineering and environmental details of the project. Species at risk are being meticulously cared for and they’re even building a box for peregrine falcon nests under the bridge,” said participant, Alan.

The sessions ended with a bus tour of the Canadian Port of Entry where participants received a first-hand look at the project construction site.

“Very informative. A great opportunity to obtain insider knowledge and view construction site,” said participant, Carmen.

In addition to the ElderCollege sessions, WDBA spoke to hundreds of students in Windsor and Detroit.  WDBA visited Hetherington Public School and W J Langlois Catholic Elementary School to speak to primary classes, led a presentation and tour for Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program teachers at their annual conference in Windsor, and encouraged more than 300 Detroit middle school children to consider careers in the trades during the Construction Science Expo at the Michigan Science Center.

As construction progresses WDBA will continue public outreach, generating buzz about this once in a lifetime infrastructure project. To request a presentation please visit /en/outreach-requests