Similar to a passport and its stamps, a hard hat and its stickers can tell a story

Hard Hat covered in stickersHard hats are mandatory for all construction workers on the job in Ontario. The hard hat must protect the wearerʼs head against impact and against small flying or falling objects, and must be able to withstand an electrical contact equal to 20,000 volts.

Although protective headgear come in a few basic styles, they differ little in their appearance. Many hard hats worn on the construction site however, are peppered with stickers and have a design of their own

Just as a passport stamp is proof of places visited, hard hat stickers represent projects and construction sites worked. All construction sites require that workers be trained in occupational health and safety and most contractors issue hard hat stickers attesting that the worker has undergone the training and is authorized to be present on the construction site.

Hard hat stickers may also indicate that a worker has been qualified in specific functions such as the operation of specialized equipment, is affiliated with a union or has received environmental or other training related to the particular worksite.

All WDBA contractors working at the Canadian Port of Entry (POE) take mandatory health, safety and environmental (HSE) training designed to protect workers and the environment. As well, because of the presence of several Species at Risk (SAR) plants and animals at the site, all workers must take SAR training. To date, over 450 workers have received the combined HSE and SAR training.

For many, the collection of stickers on their hard hats are a badge of honour as they reveal the extent of one’s career and experience.  For those working on the historic Gordie Howe International Bridge project, they can add yet another ‘feather in their cap’!

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