Site preparation for Canadian inspection plaza begins

On October 20, 2014, Columbia Utility Services Inc. of St. Joachim started site preparation work on the Canadian inspection plaza. The project builds on the site preparation work already completed including the relocation of species at risk and the removal of garbage and hazardous materials.

The work includes the removal of tree and shrubs from approximately 70 acres and is one of the first steps in preparing the site for construction. It is being undertaken in a manner consistent with the environmental assessment which was approved for the DRIC / NITC project. For example, tree removal is being undertaken during the fall months to avoid potential impacts on the nesting habits of migratory birds. In addition, all areas on the plaza site which have environmentally significant features will be protected. Any reusable wood is being recycled as firewood and mulch.

The work will be completed by early January, 2015.

Site preparation work on the Canadian inspection plaza

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