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Statement for Immediate Release

“We are deeply concerned that an incident of racially motivated harassment has been reported by workers at the Gordie Howe International Bridge Canadian project site. Bridging North America contacted Windsor Police Service immediately following the report and is cooperating fully with the investigation that is ongoing. Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority and Bridging North America are committed to providing a safe, respectful, inclusive, and diverse workplace. Racism, discrimination, harassment or violence are not tolerated in our offices or on our construction sites and we take all reports of such incidents seriously and respond with swift action. As this matter is currently under investigation, no further details can be provided at this time.”  

- Michael Hatchell, CEO of Bridging North America (BNA) and Bryce Phillips, CEO, Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA)

If you have information you would like to share, please contact Windsor Police Service at 519-258-6111. 

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