In November 2023, two Gordie Howe International Bridge workers rescued four members of the public from a capsized boat in the frigid waters of the Detroit River. Now, their life-saving efforts are being recognized with Fluor’s Silver Medallion of Safety. The Silver Medallion Medal of Safety is one of Fluor's highest safety awards and is given to employees who act in a lifesaving manner and assist others in distress, either on or off the job. The award was established in 1992, and recipients embody Fluor's most vital commitment of protecting each other. 

Dan Dombrow and Mike Isble, the Captain and First Mate of the Bridging North America (BNA) Rescue Boat, were recipients of the Fluor’s Silver Medallion of Safety at a presentation held on February 2, 2024.  

Last fall, Dombrow and Isble jumped into action when a fishing boat capsized in the Detroit River. While the boat and passengers were not affiliated with the project, the incident took place near the Gordie Howe International Bridge site, allowing Dombrow and Isble to step in and help arriving at the scene in less than a minute. They were able to rescue the four people and transport them to the nearest dock, where the BNA Emergency Team and the Detroit Fire Department took over.  

It is thanks to Dombrow and Isble’s quick reflexes, and the skills they had honed through BNA rescue drills, that the four people could be saved. 

Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) and BNA work collaboratively to prioritize health and safety on and near the Gordie Howe International Bridge project construction site. In 2023, the project team was honoured with the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association (IHSA) John M. Beck Award for the third consecutive year.  

Learn more about BNA Marine Safety Operations in our YouTube video found here.