As a Canadian Crown corporation, Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority is committed to transparency and oversight of public resources. As part of our commitment to good governance, we report, through our website, travel and hospitality expenses for the Chair, Board of Directors, the CEO and senior executives of the organization. Expenses are reported monthly and are reflected in the period during which they are reimbursed.

Proactive Disclosures

(The information on this web site will be updated monthly, beginning April 1, 2019)


Travel Expenses - Current fiscal year

Board of Directors

Tim Murphy
Chair of the Board of Directors

Charl Van Niekerk
Chief Executive Officer

Karla Avis

Marie Campagna

Judi Cohen

Tim Smith

Jeffrey Allsop

Helga Reidel

Lindsay Krauss

Senior Executives

Heather Grondin
Chief Relations Officer

Joël Hupé
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

Vicky Tuquero
Former General Counsel

Grant Hilbers
Vice President - Chief Capital Officer

Zaher Yousif
Associate Vice President, Chief Bridge Engineer

Carolyn Brown
Chief Operations Officer

Chuck Andary
Chief Legal Officer

Annual Report on Travel, Hospitality and Conferences

Fiscal 2023 - April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023



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