Construction Activities: Canada

Dates and times provided below may change due to weather conditions and other factors affecting construction activities. Although this list is intended to be comprehensive, unavoidable emergency road detours and road closures may occur. Please watch for workers when travelling in the area. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

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Week of February 4, 2019

Construction Activities

  • Crews will continue survey and soil boring work in the area of what will be the future CA POE. Aswork advances, crews will begin install fencing, erosion and sediment controls, clearing andgrubbing, earth work and establish construction entrances/exits.
  • Construction of a new sanitary pumping station (west of Sandwich Street near Chappus Street) isongoing.
  • Hydro One TX utility relocation work is ongoing along with Enwin utility work.

Road Closures & Detours

  • Overpass work over Ojibway Parkway being undertaken by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation(MTO) is ongoing. Questions related to this work should be directed to MTO at 519-873-4793 or byemail to
  • Ojibway Parkway, north of its intersection with Broadway Blvd, to south of its intersection with ECRow will be closed overnight from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. from February 4-7 for MTO overpasswork. Surrounding local roadways such as Sprucewood Ave, Matchette Rd, Broadway Blvd,Sandwich St, Prince Rd and EC Row will remain open.
  • Sandwich Street (from McKee Street to Broadway Street) is closed. Local businesses remainopen and may be accessed through Broadway Street via Ojibway Parkway.


Construction Activities