Commercial Opportunities with WDBA

The Gordie Howe International Bridge project is a once-in-a-generation undertaking. Not only will the project deliver much-needed transportation improvements for international travellers, it will also provide jobs and opportunities for growth to the Windsor-Detroit region and includes features that make this project truly distinctive. Managed by Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA), the project is being delivered through a public-private partnership (P3). WDBA’s private-sector partner will be responsible to design, build, finance, operate and maintain the Canadian and US Ports of Entry and the bridge and to design, build and finance the Michigan Interchange. Michigan will be responsible for the operations and maintenance of the Michigan Interchange.

The Gordie Howe International Bridge project will provide significant economic opportunity for local suppliers and contractors. The project will boost the local and regional economies by directly and indirectly supporting the creation of jobs over the lifespan of the planning and construction periods.


WDBA Procurement Opportunities

WDBA procurement opportunities and associated tender information will be posted at Should any opportunities meet your firm’s capabilities and capacities, we ask that you access these specific tenders through the MERX website and submit your proposals through the MERX electronic bid submission system.

Current Tenders



Submission Deadline

RFQ# 2022-019Painting Services for the WDBA’s Main OfficeMay 26, 2022 at 14:00:00 EST
RFP# 2022-008Market Research and Marketing Plan DevelopmentMarch 14, 2022 at 14:00:00 EST
RFP# 2021-050Payment Card Processor for Tolling FeesDecember 17, 2021 at 14:00 EST


Awarded Procurement Opportunities (since January 2018)



Awarded to

RFP# 2021-051Office Trailer (US)Williams Scotsman, Inc (Willscot US)
RFQ# 2022-014Office Trailer FurniturePOI Business Interior
RFQ# 2022-007Drone and Image ServicesSurveying Solutions, Inc (SSI)
RFQ# 2022-004Vehicle FleetEastway Toyota
RFQ# 2022-003Records and Information Management ServicesStill Waters Consulting Inc.
RFP 2021-063Recruitment ServicesHays Specialist Recruitment Inc.
RFQ 2021-013Drainage ImprovementsAmico Infrastructures Inc.
RFP# 2021-040Office Trailer (Canada)Williams Scotsman, Inc (Willscot CA)
RFP# 2021-024Welding and Coating Oversight Inspection of Offsite FabricationAXIS Inspection Group
RFQ# 2021-042Legal Recruitment ServicesZSA Legal Recruitment Limited
RFP 2021-015Environmental and Social Value AssessmentDeloitte LLP
RFQ 2021-012Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Planning SupportKPMG LLP
RFQ 2021-010Briefing Note Writing Training & Internal Policy Writing TrainingMussio La Grassa Inc.
RFP 2021-021Financial Translation Services Language Marketplace Inc.
RFQ 2021-001Media Monitoring ServicesMeltwater News Canada Inc.
RFQ 2020-051Media and Presentation Skills TrainingBluestone Executive Communications, LLC
RFP 2020-050Website Development, Maintenance, Hosting and Domain ServicesEvolving Web
RFQ 2020-047Employee Opinion SurveyWorkTango Inc.
RFQ 2020-046360 Degree Assessments ServicesCorporate Class Inc.
RFP 2020-016Enterprise Resource Planning Software SolutionSparkrock Inc.
RFP 2020-007PMO Resources ServicesDeloitte LLP
RFP 2020-005Independent Referee LaboratoryEnglobe Corp.
RFQ 2020-0049th Floor Office FurniturePOI Business Interior LP
RFQ 2020-006ATIP Consulting ServicesCofomo Ottawa
RFQ 2020-008South West Detroit Security Guard ServicesProstar Professional Services Group
RFQ 2019-048Printing ServicesLacasse Printing Company Ltd.
RFP 2019-047Construction Cameras, Drone and Image ServicesAirWrx Inc.
RFQ 2020-0039th Floor Demolition and ConstructionIntrepid General Limited
RFQ 2019-043Stakeholder Management SoftwareBorealis Stakeholder Engagement Software
RFQ 2019-051Headhunter ServicesDesautels Consulting Inc.
RFQ 2019-040Vehicle Fleet and ServicesEastway Toyota
RFP 2019-046Operational Readiness Consultant ServicesDeloitte LLP
RFQ 2019-054QuickBooks Pro Desk Top Enterprise ConsultantHelen Chen CPA
RFQ 2019-053Commercial Real Estate Market Analysis ReportJim Williams- Remax Capitol Inc.
RFQ 2019-017Code Consultant ServicesJensen Hughes Consulting Canada Ltd.
RFP 2019-029Internal Audit ServicesKPMG LLP
RFQ 2019-020Risk Management SoftwareSword GRC Inc.
RFP 2019-037Translation ServicesYolanda Sutts, Language Agency
RFP 2019-042Environmental Services (Michigan)GHD
RFP 2019-038Enterprise Project Management Office Audit Services.Deloitte LLP
RFQ 2019-044Media and Presentation Skills TrainingRichard Maxwell Communications Inc.
RFP 2019-039Environmental Services (Canada)WSP Canada Inc.
RFQ 2019-031Recruitment Services for the Position of Legal CounselThe Counsel Network
RFQ 2019-053Main Office Construction & Modification ServicesWincon Construction 1986 Limited
RFQ 2019-036Editorial / Writing ServicesSmith Strategic Communications and Rebecca Harris
RFP 2019-007Claims Consulting ServicesKPMG LLP and Revay and Associates Limited  
RFQ 2019-009Project Management ResourcesAUXRHO Technical & Professional Services
RFQ P2019-050Office Cleaning ServicesGDI Integrated Facility Services
RFP 2018-035Cost Consultant ServicesA.W. Hooker Associates and Hanscomb Ltd.
RFP 2018-007Professional Land Surveying ServicesCallon Dietz Incorporated Ontario Land Surveyors
RFP 2018-028Insurance Brokerage and Advisory ServicesAon Reed Stenhouse Inc.
RFP 2019-007General Contracting Services Intrepid General Limited
RFP 2017-043Independent Certifier ServicesLeighFisher Canada Inc.
RFP 2017-042Information Technology Managed Service ProviderAlphaKhor Group
RFP 2017-051Branding and logo designGenerator Design of Canada Inc.  

RFP 2017-036

Independent Qualified Person

Parsons Inc.

RFP 2017-039

ATIP Consulting Services


RFP 2017-031

Fairness Monitor

P1 Consulting Inc. and BDO Canada LLP

RFP 2018-009US Stakeholder Engagement Consulting ServicesTruscott Rossman
RFP 2018-010Canadian Stakeholder Engagement Consulting ServicesCancelled
RFP 2017-041

Board Portal Solution

Convene Incorporated

Project Delivery

The Gordie Howe International Bridge project is being delivered as a public-private partnership. As such, WDBA’s private-sector partner, Bridging North America, is responsible for contracting service providers and securing materials and resources for the delivery of the Bridge, US and Canadian Ports of Entry, and the Michigan interchange.

To discuss potential business opportunities with Bridging North America, please request contact information by email to [email protected].