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The Gordie Howe International Bridge project requires significant construction activity, including the demolition and removal of existing infrastructure, reconstruction of select roadways and bridges, and construction of new project infrastructure.

One of the project components is the connection of the US Port of Entry to Interstate-75.  This Interchange project covers approximately three kilometres or 1.8 miles of I-75 between Springwells Street and Clark Street and will require modifications to accommodate the ramps connecting to the US Port of Entry (POE). The ramps are designed to minimize the impact of interstate/international traffic on roads in the vicinity of the US POE.

Michigan Interchange activities also include associated local road improvements. Over a dozen roadway and pedestrian bridges crossing I-75 and ranging in length from 30 to 518 metres or 100 to 1,700 feet will need to be constructed.

Diagram of the Michigan interchange with the measurement 3 KM or 1.8 miles at the top

The Michigan Interchange activities are being constructed along a three kilometer/1.8 mile section of I-75 between west of Springwells Street to east of Clark Street.

Read our fact sheet on the Michigan Interchange Activities

Michigan Interchange

The Michigan Interchange activities will be delivered in four phases.

Map of road closure phases on the Michigan Interchange

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Phase 1 – Starting October 21, 2019 and ending in December 2021

  • The Springwells Street, Livernois Avenue and Clark Street road bridges, and the Solvay Street pedestrian bridge crossing I-75, will be rebuilt. Information on traffic detours, road closures and detailed map of the construction areas can be found at our Detours and road closures.
  • The I-75 shoulder has been widened near the overpass bridges.
  • Construction of the connecting ramps, including pier construction along the I-75 median for the ramps will begin.
  • Siphon work has begun.

Phase 2 – Scheduled to begin in winter 2021 and end in spring 2023

  • The Green Street road bridge and the Beard Street pedestrian bridge crossing I-75, will be removed and rebuilt.
  • Reconstruction of I-75 Mainline and West Fisher Service drives (northbound and southbound) between Green Street and Livernois Avenue.
  • Construction of ramps connecting I-75 with the US POE will continue.
  • Siphon work will continue.

Phase 3 – Scheduled to begin in Winter 2021 and end in fall 2023

  • The I-75 West Fisher Service Drive and the I-75 shoulders (northbound and southbound) will be rebuilt between Livernois Avenue and Clark Street.
  • The southbound I-75 onramp at Clark Street, northbound I-75 onramp from Livernois Avenue, and northbound I-75 offramp to Campbell Street will be completed during this phase.
  • Siphon work will be complete

Phase 4 – Scheduled to start in fall 2022 and end in fall 2024

  • Reconstruction of the community streets including, Fort Street, Jefferson Avenue, Clark Street and so on.
  • Final commissioning and hand over.

Information on traffic detours, road closures and detailed maps of the construction areas can be found at our detours and road closures.