michigan interchange


Pile driving

A large crane and group of workers outdoors during pile driving activities.


Steel piles are required to be driven into the ground to support the ramps connecting the US Port of Entry to I-75 and the road and pedestrian bridges over I-75 being constructed as part of the Michigan Interchange work for the Gordie Howe International Bridge project.

The use of piles for structures is a reliable construction technique. The piles are made of high- strength steel and provide for a significant load bearing capacity. Approximately 420 piles will be required for this essential work and each are inspected for quality prior to installation.

The piles are made from steel and are driven into the ground by a steel hammer or pile driver.

What you can expect

Community members living and working in the area will at times hear noise and may feel vibration depending on their proximity to the work taking place. Monitoring equipment is in position in the area to measure activities and ensure they remain within acceptable levels.

In accordance with the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and Record of Decision (ROD), the project team has implemented a vibration monitoring program for the owners of properties located within 150 feet (approximately 45 metres) of specific construction zones at the site of the US Port of Entry (POE) and the Michigan Interchange activities.

For more information on vibration monitoring, please visit https://www.gordiehoweinternationalbridge.com/en/michigan-interchange.


The overall construction schedule for all four components of the Gordie Howe International Bridge is aggressive. Pile driving will allow the supports for the road and pedestrian bridges and the ramps, to be completed relatively quickly, shortening the overall time we need to construct the road and pedestrian crossings over I-75 and the ramp connecting the freeway to the new Port of Entry.

Pile driving will start soon and will take place over 8 weeks. All pile driving activities will occur during daytime hours and in accordance with municipal bylaws.


Approximate start

Southbound Springwells at I-75 (Mainline)3-Feb-20 (started)
Northbound Springwells at I-75 (Mainline)17-Feb-20 (started)
Southbound Livernois at I-75 (Mainline)17-Feb-20 (started)
Northbound Livernois at I-75 (Mainline)24-Feb-20 (started)
Southbound Clark Street at I-75 (Mainline)21-Mar-22
Northbound Clark Street at I-75 (Mainline)21-Mar-22
Northbound Solvay Street (Ped Bridge)18-Jan-21 (started)
Southbound Solvay Street (Ped Bridge)2-Feb-21 (started)
Northbound Beard Street (Ped Bridge)28-Mar-22
Southbound Beard Street (Ped Bridge)31-Mar-22
Northbound Junction Street (Ped Bridge)2-Feb-23
Southbound Junction Street (Ped Bridge)7-Feb-23
Northbound Green Street (Overpass Bridge)5-Apr-22
Southbound Green Street (Overpass Bridge)21-Apr-22
Northbound Waterman (Ped Bridge)28-Mar-22
Southbound Waterman (Ped Bridge)3-Apr-22
Northbound Lansing Street (Ped Bridge)4-Apr-22
Southbound Lansing Street (Ped Bridge)12-Apr-22

We are ready to answer your questions. For more information on pile driving or for other information regarding the Gordie Howe International bridge project, please visit our Southwest Detroit Community Office, 7744 Vernor Hwy, Detroit, MI 48209, or call us at 1-844-322-1773 or email [email protected].