Building Elegance Through Aesthetics

WDBA recognizes the permanent influence the Gordie Howe International Bridge will have on Windsor’s and Detroit’s skyline and its role as a new gateway symbol for Canada and the United States.

Aesthetics have been considered for all aspects of the project.

Bridge: a modern expression of the bridge form, derived of modern design and construction techniques “clearly of its time”. It will be a unique and identifiable structure.

Landscaping: includes elements of continuity and variation creating a unified experience and expresses themes of the site location. Will build upon functional requirements to support safety and security.

Pedestrian space: private and public spaces provide an opportunity for a finer grained landscape with more colour and amenities.

Buildings: material palette of curtain wall, precast concrete panels, metal and composite. Will create clean lines, pleasing proportions and elegant simplicity that support the development of an open, transparent and welcoming facility.

Lighting: will create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing visual effect by night throughout the crossing. Lighting will be incorporated on the bridge, roadways, pedestrian walkways, architecture and landscape.

Canopies: the canopies create the primary architectural gesture for the Ports of Entry.