Contract Value

74 months

Construction Period

30 years

Operation Period

2500 jobs



Infographic of the bridge with the words "Clear Span 853m / .53 miles, 220m / 722 ft height of piers, 2.5km / 1.5 miles length of bridge"

Infographic of the width of the bridge reading "width of bridge - 37.5m / 123ft, width of multi-use path 3.6m / 11.8ft"

Infographic reading 6 Traffic Lanes - 3 CDN bound, 3 US bound, 1 multi-use path"

Infographics reading "The Gordie Howe International Bridge will range from white to dark grey in colour," and "The bridge tower shape will reflect the curvature of a hockey stick in slap shot"

Two infographics reading "High-powered LED lighting will illuminate the bridge" and "the multi-use path will have a green surface that is skid resistant and retro-reflective"

Canadian Port of Entry


Infographic reading "22 Inspection booths, 16 toll booths"

US Port of Entry


Four infographics reading "Total Building space 30,218 metres square / 326,335 ft squared" "Total landscaped ara 12 hectares / 30 acres" "a 30m / 100 ft buffer with vegetation and a public path will surround the US POE" "36 Inspection Booths"

Michigan Interchange

Infographic of the Michigan Interchange reading 3 kn / 1.8 miles of I-75 and interchange ramps" "3km / 1.8 miles" "4 new road bridges" "5 new pedestrian bridges" "4 interchange ramps connecting I-75 to the US POE"