As the Crown corporation responsible for overseeing the construction and operations of an international border crossing with a 125-year life span, WDBA is uniquely positioned to have influence on local, regional, national and international levels.

WDBA’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Plan will allow the organization to actively support the creation of a thriving and sustainable future for employees, bridge users and the communities where we operate throughout the project’s life cycle.

Read WDBA’s 2023-2024 Environmental, Social and Governance Plan

Anchors of ESG at WDBA


WDBA is committed to protecting the environment both on and adjacent to the Gordie Howe  International Bridge site and in the communities where we work. 


WDBA and the broader project team are integrated and respectful members of the international communities where the Gordie Howe International Bridge is being constructed and will operate. We are committed to strengthening community ties and leveraging construction and operations of this significant investment in public infrastructure to bring about social and economic benefits to the region. 

Corporate Culture

WDBA is committed to creating and maintaining an employee-centric corporate culture that fosters diversity, accessibility and inclusion, makes employees feel valued and engaged and positions them to succeed. Employees are provided opportunities to thrive professionally while also supported to engage with colleagues in informal ways, be active members of their communities and disconnect from work outside of office hours.

Corporate Conduct

As a Canadian Crown corporation, WDBA is committed to transparency and responsible oversight of public resources. The organization’s Board of Directors and staff are required to act honestly, diligently, carefully and in good faith and carry out duties in accordance with various regulatory requirements and Acts. 

WDBA seeks out opportunities to advance corporate conduct activities in alignment with best practices or in response to feedback from employees, stakeholders, its shareholder and communities to further accomplish corporate citizenship commitments.

Governance and Reporting

ESG Plan

Delivery of the ESG Plan  integrates a reporting structure that includes oversight by WDBA’s ESG Committee at the operational level, as well as the Executive Team and Board of Directors.

WDBA reports on  ESG Plan outcomes and achievements on a quarterly basis:

View the Winter 2024 Quarterly ESG Report.

Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

The project team is committed to building sustainable infrastructure that will benefit generations to come and taking steps towards mitigating climate change. WDBA’s inaugural TCFD Report provides an overview of operational practices and performance on climate-related risks and opportunities for the 2022 calendar year. WDBA will continue to publish TCFD disclosures on an annual basis. Read the report to learn more.