The Gordie Howe International Bridge project team is excited to announce the reopening of the fourth and final road bridge reconstructed as part of the Michigan Interchange activities. 

“We appreciate the community’s patience and cooperation throughout construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge project,” says Charl van Niekerk, CEO of Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA). “It is exciting to see new, permanent infrastructure opening for public use in advance of the completion of the bridge. Southwest Detroit travellers can begin experiencing the benefits of these local road improvements while work is continuing on other project components.”

The Green Street road bridge connects communities over I-75 between Fort Street and the I-75 Service Drive. It follows the 2022 reopening of the Clark Street, Springwells Street and Livernois Avenue connections over I-75. 

Together, the four road bridges provide the public with easy access to green spaces, neighbourhoods and businesses.

“The new road bridges will improve access on both sides of I-75 so that pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles can get where they need to go,” says Michael Hatchell, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bridging North America. “Bridging North America is proud of the progress the project team has and continues to make.”

Ensuring accessibility and sustainability

All four reconstructed road bridges feature four lanes for traffic with a protected bike path and sidewalk on one side and either a protected bike path and sidewalk or a shared-use path on the other. The bridges follow the City of Detroit’s Complete Streets approach that considers what features will work best for all users, including meeting Americans with Disability Act requirements. 

As part of WDBA’s commitment to sustainability, multi-use paths and connections into existing trail networks have been included throughout the project footprint.

While the road bridges are now open to traffic, work on them is continuing. When complete, the road bridges will include concrete planters containing colourful shrubs, tall grasses and herbaceous plants, which will serve as barriers between pedestrian/cyclist lanes and the roadway. All remaining aesthetic work on the road bridges will be completed by the opening of the Gordie Howe International Bridge project.