­­­Close to Home – On site

With construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge project well underway, and as the number of people working on the project continues to grow, so does the need to have a work space close to the construction site.

In June 2019, Bridging North America opened its new construction office at the site of the Canadian Port of Entry.  The office is configured as four separate buildings assembled from 58 modular units and totaling 42,000 sq2/3900 m2 of office space. The new space provides for both WDBA and Bridging North America workers to be housed on one location, at the site, eliminating travel time and providing a large central office to accommodate employees during the five-year construction period.

Two Red Trucks with Trailers at the Bridging North America construction office

Overhead view of the trailers at Bridging North America's construction office

Front view of Bridging North America's construction office

The completed offices can accommodate approximately 250 workers and includes 75 closed offices and 168 open-concept work spaces as well as eleven meeting rooms. Each of the meeting rooms is named in tribute to professional hockey players including Windsor-born Meghan Agosta and Bob Probert. In addition, there is an executive board room that is named after Gordie Howe.

Similar modular units are currently being assembled on the site of the US Port of Entry to provide a comfortable workspace for the team working on the US components of this binational project


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