University of Windsor Co-Op/Internship Employer of the Year Award Trophy

Providing opportunities to students to help prepare them for their careers makes all the difference in the world. Congratulations to everyone at WDBA for this award.  I am proud to be part of such an impactful team of leaders at WDBA.

Bryce Phillips
Chief Executive Officer – WDBA

Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority (WDBA) is the proud recipient of the Co-op/Internship Employer of the Year award from the University of Windsor.

The award recognizes organizations that have engaged with on-campus activities to the benefit of student learning and which have created exceptional work term experiences throughout 2019.

Since WDBA’s co-op program began in 2016, more than 120 placements have been offered with several students coming back for a second term.

The co-op program provides students with essential workplace skills and helps them to make decisions about their education and career path, so they make a successful transition into the job market.

A case in point - one of our former co-op students, Kiefer Wright, changed faculties following his placement with WDBA and ultimately was successful in competing for a full-time job at WDBA after graduation.

The co-op program is also mutually beneficial. WDBA provides professional development opportunities and valuable work experience for the students, and WDBA benefits from a skilled group of individuals who are eager to share their ideas.

This term, 17 students have been hired from four post-secondary schools: the University of Windsor, Western University, the University of Waterloo and St. Clair College. The students come from several different faculties and programs including Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Science and Business Administration.

Despite the challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, WDBA continued with its co-op and internship program and provided students with the necessary equipment to work remotely and to stay in touch with their mentors.

Each semester, WDBA’s Communication co-op student is tasked with coming up with a novel way of introducing all of the term’s co-op students. Learn more about our most recent students in the Co-op Notebook below developed by Grant Gauthier.




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