Security Working Group workshop held on August 21, 2014 in Detroit.

Critical infrastructure such as the new bridge between Windsor and Detroit is the backbone of our two nation's economy. Maintaining a safe, secure and efficient border crossing is therefore of vital importance to both Canada and the United States. But, safety and security is a shared responsibility which is why the DRIC/NITC Security Working Group has been established.

The group, which is comprised of representatives from local police, fire, inspection and other law enforcement agencies on both sides of the border, is looking at all phases and aspects of the bridge project through a safety and security perspective.

Several meetings and workshops with security experts and first responders have been held since early in the planning process for the new bridge. Input from key security partners will help the Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority design a border crossing that incorporates security and enables first responders quick and well-organized response to incidents and emergencies at the crossing, all while maintaining the efficient movement of goods and people across the border. 

The working group will continue consulting with its partners as the project advances from pre-procurement through procurement, design, construction and then into operation.  This cooperation will help ensure that the DRIC/NITC project will be secure, safe and efficient for years to come.