Open Call for Applicants: Community Benefits Local Community Group

A man looks over the Gordie Howe International Bridge displays at the Sandwich Community Office.

WDBA and Bridging North America are launching a Local Community Group to assist in the delivery of the Gordie Howe International Bridge Community Benefits Plan. This group will be composed of stakeholders that collectively represent the communities of Detroit/Delray and Windsor/Sandwich, Windsor-Essex County and the Greater Detroit Area and will act as informal partners during the implementation of the initiatives identified in the Plan.

The Local Community Group will provide valuable input and formal linkages to the region that will enable the project team to understand the perspective of project stakeholders regarding the Community Benefits Plan. They will also assist with the review of community funding applications as part of the Community Organization Investment within the Neighbourhood Infrastructure Strategy and participate on subcommittees focused on topics such as community art or history.

The Local Community Group will meet quarterly with the first meeting to occur in fall 2019.

WDBA is accepting applications for volunteers to participate until Wednesday, September 4, 2019.

One representative for each of the following areas are needed:

  • The Sandwich Community
  • The Delray Community
  • Windsor-Essex County
  • The Greater Detroit Area
  • Bridge User/Daily Commuter – Windsor
  • Bridge User/Daily Commuter – Detroit

Apply Now!

Stakeholder representatives from select municipal, agency and community organizations will also participate.

Read the Local Community Group Terms of Reference.

Learn more about the Community Benefits Plan and initiatives to be delivered


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