Safety comes first for the construction team working on the Gordie Howe International Bridge project.
All workers entering a construction zone must wear PPE to help keep them safe.


PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment and includes clothing or equipment to protect workers from injury.

There are different types of PPE depending on the workplace. The most common PPE used by construction workers include:

Hard hats – are a type of helmet worn by workers to protect their head from falling objects.

Safety glasses – protect the worker’s eyes from dangerous chemicals or flying materials.

Ear protection – are worn by workers to protect their ears from loud noise which could cause hearing loss.

High-visibility vests  - are bright in colour and are reflective to make sure other workers and drivers can see the worker.

Safety boots - protect the worker’s feet and toes from falling objects or stepping on something sharp.


Our construction worker needs help getting ready to go to the site. Can you help her by clicking and dragging the PPE?