The Windsor-Detroit Bridge Authority’s (WDBA) Annual Public Meeting (APM) provided stakeholders and members of the public with an opportunity to learn more about WDBA, to ask questions and interact with key members of the organization’s Board of Directors and management.

To ensure that the APM was accessible to all stakeholders regardless of their location, the meeting held on February 11, 2016, was webcast live. Staging and webcasting an event is no easy task and requires several specialized service providers. WDBA found exactly what it was looking for in the local area.

To deliver its webcast, WDBA partnered with several local companies including the Teaching and Learning Centre at the University of Windsor, which provided audio visual and specialized live webcast production services; NYN DESIGNS, WDBA’s website developers and web consultants, which hosted the webcast; and Pangraphica, which provided photographic services.

WDBA supports regional organizations and businesses whenever possible and was pleased to have local companies help us tell our story to international audiences through this webcast.

If interested in viewing a video of the APM, visit: /en/annual-public-meeting-february-11-2016-video