Border crossing stakeholders assist in the preliminary technology design for new bridge

Study team soliciting stakeholder

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS), tolling systems, electrical systems and lighting are just a few of the essential elements which must be included in the design of the new Windsor-Detroit bridge. To ensure that the needs of those using the new crossing are met, Parsons Inc., was contracted in August, 2014, to conduct a number of design studies to identify the technical requirements and operating options of several key elements of the new bridge.

A key component of the design process is a stakeholder outreach program. The process included telephone calls, individual meetings as well as stakeholder workshops. In mid-November the first stakeholder workshops were held in Windsor and Detroit. In total, more than 35 stakeholders representing 20 agencies attended, including officials with local governments; trucking companies; first responders such as police, ambulance and fire departments; car manufacturers; trade alliances; road authorities; and local utilities.

During the workshops, the study group reported on information gathered to date and provided stakeholders with an opportunity to comment and provide their input on operating aspects of the new crossing such as traffic, emergency and information management for travellers, tolling options, and roadway and bridge architectural lighting.

The information gathered through the stakeholder outreach program will be used for the design-build-finance-operation-maintenance phase of the project.

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